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The Financial Times newspaper and the website continue to provide extensive news, comment and analysis for the business community. The newspaper is printed at 24 print sites across the globe, had a daily circulation of 435,319 in December 2008, and a readership of approximately 1.3 million people worldwide. A new Middle East edition was added to the current global roster of US, UK, Asia and Europe editions. We’ve seen record numbers of people visiting in 2008: the site attracted 7.1 million unique users, generating almost 72 million page views and over one million registered users, as people sought out our experts’ explanations and opinions in this turbulent climate. We relaunched in 2008, giving our users greater access than ever to our journalists through interactive forums, video interviews and regular experts’ video slots.

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Activity summary

We launched a free student subscription offer on Facebook in March 2008, allowing over 12,000 students to access internationally through Facebook university groups, where only current students will see the offer. Students who use the application are invited to share it with their friends and the application will identify which friends are eligible to sign up.

Our refreshed website gave our users the opportunity to watch videos, join interactive online forums and share information.

Launched in November 2008, the FT Alphaville Long Room is an exclusive comment and analysis arena, where finance professionals are invited to share their research and offer thoughts on the work of others.

The Financial Times landed a major sponsorship deal with General Electric to produce a three-part campaign on the impact of climate change, which ran from May to December 2008.


The Business of Carbon Management In a departure from the traditional print format, this report, launched in October 2008, featured a series of videos, slideshows and interactive graphics.

The Business of Carbon Management

Financial Times on Facebook The extremely popular Facebook profile for the FT, giving Fans free access to up-to-date news links, event information and videos, and the opportunity to ask questions of FT staff.

FT Climate Change Challenge

FT Climate Change Challenge Launched in November 2008 alongside Hewlett-Packard and sustainable development organisation Forum for the Future, this global competition will seek out the most exciting innovations to reduce emission and make us more resilient to the changes ahead.


As time goes on, people, particularly the younger generations, are becoming comfortable reading and learning in a multitude of formats. For a smooth product release in multiple formats, a fair number of people need to be creative, agile and to work well together to tight deadlines. One example of our success in this area is the iPhone Developer's Cookbook.

iPhone Developer's Cookbook

This title released first in e-format in early October 2008, initially as an eBook without Digital Rights Management technology (i.e. transferable to all eReader formats), then through Safari Books Online, then in Kindle, and soon thereafter in print. A summary of what happened in the first few weeks of publication follows below.

As a stand alone eBook sold on Pearson Technology Group (PTG) websites:

We sold 1,301 copies of the eBook direct from Inform IT in first six days of publication

We took back orders of 80 copies of the print book direct from Inform IT in same time. It was the #1 eBook for PTG for 2008, despite only being released in October

As a Kindle edition on Amazon

It was #182 of all Kindle books at Amazon

It was #1 in the computer category

As a print book at Amazon, in popularity

It was #308 bestseller for all books at Amazon

It was #1 in Computers and Internet -> Mac OS category

It was #1 in Computers and Internet -> Networking -> Telephony

As an online book at Safari

It was #1 most popular book in Safari for all titles


The workforce at Penguin Australia offers the highest level of editorial and design support in the country, winning a record number of awards – 120 shortlistings with 50 winners. Pearson Education US is helping to fund the Access Text Network – a comprehensive, national online system that will make it easier for students with print-related disabilities, such as blindness, low vision, and cognitive or physical impairments, to obtain the textbook files they need for their college courses.

A few words from... Rob Grimshaw

"FT readers want a 'trusted guide' through the turmoil of the credit crisis and the FT has been able to fulfil that role in print and online. has brought the story to life in a number of innovative and accessible ways, with a redesigned FT.comand new video, mobile and multimedia channels."

Rob Grimshaw

Rob Grimshaw, Managing Director,