Commitment to fairness and quality

We aim to be brave, decent and imaginative in everything we do and have a longstanding commitment to high standards of product quality.

We want to ensure that the people who buy our books, newspapers and services have multiple ways to access the best education and information we can provide, and we work hard to make that happen.

Pearson Education puts a lot of work into verifying the measurable impacts of our learning products, helping to improve the results – and in many cases, life chances – of millions of young people the world over.

The leader page of the Financial Times is published under the motto ‘without fear or favour’, reflecting its editorial integrity and independence in providing business people with up to the minute, reliable news from Karachi to Kansas.

Penguin, home to some of the best loved brands in publishing, keeps up our exemplary record for choosing innovative, challenging authors and designs to engage and stimulate our readers.

We adhere to external editorial codes like those upheld by the Press Complaints Commission, and we have our own code of business conduct, whistle-blowing and standards policies.