Progress and Plans
Commitment to fairness and quality

Target 2008   Progress   Plan 2009
Launch the Pearson International Education Summit, bringing together global education leaders to identify and share exemplary educational practices. Achieved Achieved. The inaugural Summit, developed in conjunction with the US Council of Chief State School Officers, was held in Singapore. It convened delegates from 13 countries and six continents to explore first hand the educational and cultural drivers that consistently help Singapore students to score at the top of international surveys. Continue and expand the Summit to include a focus on teacher quality and training, one of the key learnings of the Singapore convening.
Use the Pearson Foundation Development Fund to work with our businesses in Africa, India and Asia to provide training and support for local teachers in developing communities. Achieved Achieved. Launched the Pearson Professional Development Program for African educators in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. Provided intensive training and support for local educators, focusing specifically on early childhood development, literacy, numeracy and on teacher and student acquisition of key 21st century skills. Extend these programmes to involve education leaders in a cross-country dialogue addressing key education needs and solutions.